I won’t try to make this stupid long but just mention a few things that I’ve been obsessed with/found in twenty-seventeen! Primer || | High End | Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer: This stuff is super lightweight, perfect for dry or chapped skin especially but good for all around. Provides the perfect tackiness for your makeup to stick without feeling… View Post


Find out how to dutch braid with this super easy tutorial!   xoxo, Char


Number one tip to shopping: always check the for sale section on their website and subscribe to their email list for discounts and deals on your favorite brands. Number two: only spend full price on good quality items that are versatile and go with multiple outfits, e.i. Shoes, jeans, jackets. Number three: check Poshmark and Thred Up and haunt the… View Post


Homeschool vs. regular school ||  Number one assumption: homeschoolers don’t have any friends.  Number two assumption: homeschoolers are weird.  Number three assumption: you were homeschooled because you were a Christian.  Number four assumption: homeschoolers are dumb.  Number four assumption: homeschoolers don’t have a community, much less sports teams.  Fact: most homeschoolers I know are incredibly social and take classes outside… View Post


First things first, my personality 100% is competitive goal getter. I will fight to reach the top and do little else when I hone in on one particular thing. I’m very much I get what I want type of personality. Here are the pros and cons of this personality type. PROS Very driven. Says things and actually follows through. (Most… View Post


  This name was always in the back of my head as a possibility for this Avant Garde Victorian photoshoot. I knew where I wanted to take the pictures, the darkness of the clothes and makeup and all of the detailing that went into this project. My friends here worked out wonderfully in this shoot. I know nothing about the… View Post